Monday, May 07, 2007


The Sharon Spence YRA of 2007, or Bag It

My personal crusade to knit up my stash continues. Because you asked, (??) the acronym "YRA" stands for "Yarn Reduction Act". I totally made that up. I've been doing some bag knitting, and since I had a couple skeins of Euroflax linen, took a whack at making a mesh tote bag. I thought it'd look really cool with, say, some fresh produce in it and a lovely crisp baguette sticking out of the top. Alas, it didn't quite come out to be what I had envisioned. For me, linen yarn on thick dpns felt unwieldy, so I knit the bag flat on my straights and seamed the bottom and side. Probably a mistake, because the result looks a bit misshapen. When I filled it with oranges ("Tell me about the oranges, Lily"--that line from The Grifters still creeps me out. Hell of an edgy film, that--) it made the thing stretch and sag considerably longer than its 16" length, which tells me it won't take a lot of weight. Ehn, would you believe it's a swimsuit-flip flops-and-towel bag?

Tap Into Global Warming

Even though today was an absolutely gorgeous day, I couldn't seem to rise to it. The weekend was hectic, what with big doings down at the local Unitarian church (my family's rock band played an all-church barbecue on Saturday, then yesterday was the day the congregation called its second settled minister) and Jimmy managed to soil more bedding, so when I wasn't rushing to or from Orenco, I was chained to the laundry room. I woke this morning feeling like I didn't even get a weekend, so once again, I said "Bag it"--and I called in sick! Aside from finishing the mesh bag, I stitched some on another small bag and started blocking another comfort shawl for the ministry.

Where was I? Oh yeah, global warming. Not a fun subject in itself, but I heard that there will be a web broadcast of a rock concert held to raise awareness of global climate change, and one of the bands playing will be none other than Spinal Tap. The promotional "mockumentary" video was the funniest thing I've seen in quite some time. I laughed out loud, and peed a little. (I have problems.) Once again, thank you Ann and Kay, for your wonderful, farshlugginer* sense of humor.

*"Farshlugginer": crazy, mixed up, wacky, silly and goofy. And there's our Yiddish word of the day.

((Sharon)) missed you! That bag is fab. I am loving YRA. I need to get started on that
thanks flutter! xoxo
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