Thursday, May 24, 2007


Lumpier than the average bear

Just a quick one, because we're loading up the Kia and heading north and east for the long weekend. To Spokane, actually. Because of the wonderful photos Mariko, aka Super Eggplant, posted on her blog about the famous pink cookie at Spokane's Rocket Bakery, I'll definitely be checking out that phenomenon.

I worked past midnight last night on my first stuffed bear, using this pattern. However, before I could photograph my somewhat lumpy, yet adorable pink creation, Michelle snatched it up and announced that it was her happy bear. (Mind you, she's 16, but for some reason insists on clinging to certain toddler behaviors.) Well, if I can wrest it away from her, I'll post a pic. I'll be knitting the same bear in blue, and have ordered another teddy bear kit from the nice folks at Jimmy Beans Wool. I'm training for a bear-a-thon! I know, enough with the bad puns already. Have a slammin' weekend, everybody!

yay for bears!! eat a pink cookie for me, girly.
Have a wonderful time! Those cookies look yummy :o)
Have a great weekend! I look forward to seeing some complete bears!!! ;)
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