Thursday, May 31, 2007


Earnin' my badge

So as not to be thought of as one of those dreaded Fiber Snobs, I treated myself to some inexpensive yarn:

I actually got five balls of the Cotton Plus. I've never used Fishermen's Wool, so I thought I'd give it a go. Haven't sold anything yet at my Etsy shop, and I probably won't for a while since few people buy doggie sweaters in the summer. But I thought this would make a nice doggie Aran. And the cotton-blend--what to do with it? It'll probably become the next Shawl Ministry item. BTW, I finished another one:

Just a basic, plain-vanilla lace stitch that is a 4-row repeat (and two of them are purl rows). It's actually an old Fiber Trends pattern from the "Lily Chin collection." I swear, whenever the Tiny Diva puts her name on something, whether it's yarn, patterns or what have you, it automatically becomes a "collection." The woman must be a pack rat.

Ehn-yway, I'm pleased with how this shawl looks. It's awaiting blocking, and needs to be stretched out a little. It came out about 25" from the bottom point to the top edge, and about 60" between the far corners. It's scrumptiously soft, too--I used 5 or 6 balls of Rowan Tapestry, a wool/soy fiber blend.

The awesome knitters at Mosaic Yarn Shop in Blacksburg, VA have received more than 2,000 squares, and are about to commence sewing them up into afghans for those who lost loved ones in last month's shooting. I had some leftover Blue Sky Cotton, so I tried a new knit and purl pattern from my handy-dandy book of knitting stitches.

A bit hard to tell from the photo, but the pattern actually comes out looking like chain links. I'd like to stitch up one more square, then send both of them off to VA.
And that's all the fiberly frippery I have for tonight! The only other thing that's been going on here lately, and I *know* you wouldn't want to see a photo, is that my 1-year-old mini dachsie, Jimmy, has had the trots since I picked him up from the vet clinic where we boarded him over Memorial Day weekend. Jimmy doesn't travel well--he gets car sick on trips of any duration, so I've got no choice but to board him whenever we go out of town. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow--he probably needs some of that pink stuff that looks like Pepto and smells like bubble gum (liquid Amoxicillin, which is what they gave him for the diarrhea of his puppyhood. Now there's a phrase.) But unfortunately, this bout of illness has completely finished off our ruined carpeting. Gee, Yellowstone would have been nice this summer, but our vacation fund (not) will probably go towards some laminate flooring.
I can't believe I actually blogged about dog poop. Hey, where's everybody going?

ok, that badge is hysterical.
LOL, hey, I will also pick up the odd skein of acrylic for toys and things like dog sweaters, no fiber snob, me. Honestly, acrylic wears and washes quite well...yes there's the crunchiness factor, but most of the newer ones do soften with a few washes...I learned to knit and crochet with acrylic--my grandma bought me my first skein of neon pink when I was 7--way back when there was no such thing as "yarns only for knitting" or terms like 'fiber snob' or elitist little "LYS" places that had skeins averaging in the $20-$40 price ranges, and where the clerks faint if you ask them if they sell crochet hooks...whatever floats your boat I always say.

Love the shawl, it looks lovely and soft. The square looks great, I really like that pattern! Sorry for taking up all your comment room with my warbling rants! :)
"LYS" where the clerks faint if you ask them for crochet hooks..." LOL! kiki, you are always welcome here, and feel free to take up as much real estate as you would like with warbles, or rants, or whatev! Thank you for liking my shawl.
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