Sunday, May 20, 2007


Another Chickami

Again, as is almost always the case with the tops I make for myself, the fit isn't spot on. In this case, much depended upon the yarn I chose. Because I used Louisa Harding Fauve--a super-stretchy, rayon ribbon--the cami gaps at the armhole. (If any knitters reading this have suggestions for how I might fix this, the "comment" link awaits you.) Last year, I chose lightweight, bouncy Rowan Calmer for my first Chickami:

Other than wide straps which tend to roll--facilitating my choice for I-cord straps for the new one--the fit is pretty good. A strapless black bra, or perhaps a bustier, will definitely be in order when I wear the orange one. Fortunately, the ribbing at the bottom will keep the surprisingly heavy garment from sagging off my boobs. But hey, this is what I wanna wear to see my favorite three old guys from Toronto in concert at Clark County Amphitheater on July 21st--I'm working on a black/silver shawlette, and will wear black pants or skirt to balance myself out. For the first time in the 20 years that J. and I have been going to Rush concerts, we've got seats in the first ten rows! So I want some eye contact with my man Geddy (we'll be on his side of the stage, but I want to draw Alex's eye as well,) and while I know I ain't eye candy, at least my Chickami will give him a pretty color to notice.

In Other News

I joined the Knitting for Homeless campaign, begun by Vik in Argentina, and used most of a hank of red Eco Wool for a 45" scarf in a broken rib pattern. It's blocking. I'm not very comfortable spending much time blogging about my knitting RAOK's--the truth is that I love doing charity knitting, but my main reason for blogging about it is to inspire and encourage anyone reading to knit a scarf, hat, afghan square or whatever for any of the many great causes out there, not to make y'all think I'm such a fabulous person. Because I'm really not. I'm under massive, crushing consumer debt, am frequently depressed, overweight, would rather gorge on Haggen-Dasz ice cream than exercise (well, maybe I'm not alone on that one,) and yada, yada, yada. But the up side is that I've got a husband and child who love me, a job that sometimes bores me but the management values my bizarrely unique skill set, tons of beautiful yarn, music I love, and blogging buddies I hope to keep in touch with always.

What was my mantra again? Oh yeah--"it's not so bad." Rinse and repeat.

I bet that color is going to look fabulous on you, and don't forget to knit bears for snuggle!
thanks flutter! I'm on it! :)
Thank for the comment. I have checking your blog and I really like the pattern for the "Chickamis". They look very comfortable and would be a nice top to wear with a suit. Great job.
Sorry the fit isn't perfect! It's a lovely color!

I think it is inspiring that you do charity knitting. I would love to hear more about it. Keep posting & inspiring me!! I want to knit more for charity in the future!
Pretty sweater! And thanks so much for volunteering to be a wingman in my swap. I was scratching my head trying to figure out how I was going to work that out when you swooped benevolently in and volunteered. I'll be posting more details of it probably later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned and thanks again!
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