Sunday, April 08, 2007


Wishing you simple joys at Easter

My holiday table setting, as close to perfect as it gets around here. We had to have our Easter dinner last night, as J. is leaving in a couple of hours to catch a flight to (wait for it) Boise. Because holidays are a big deal to me, I tried not to be crestfallen when I learned that my husband wouldn't be home on Easter, but when I found out where he was going, it was kinda like...payback, ya know?

anyway, our girl is now too grown-up to search the house for chocolate foil eggs, and also Jimmy the dachshund will find a way to get the ones I could swear were out of his reach! So, for the first time, no Easter egg hunt, but that's ok. It's been a peaceful home the past couple of days, which is a blessing.

More wee knitted items

Another kimono. I'm working on a Koigu hat, but it's coming out looking rather preemie-sized. No worries, I've got more Koigu, some 2-ply natural shade alpaca, and some Baby Cashmerino, for almost an entire baby hat wardrobe.

A parting shot of a Daisy cardigan and hat for a baby boy. The co-worker I gave it to, who will in turn give it to the little boy's parents as a baby gift, was delighted with it. And I am rather pleased.

Not much else is going on--a quiet, mellow Easter Sunday is about all I'm after today. Yesterday held some moments of soul nourishment, some for which I wish I'd brought my camera. The most notable was shopping for the tulips that graced our Easter table. Just a few miles from here is a farm which is onwed by a Dutch family. They grow beautiful tulips and sell 10-stem bunches for just $4. I drove out there, and not only were they doing a brisk trade, but the tulip fields are gorgeous. Spectacular seen from the air, I imagine.

Joyous Ostara. Blessed be!

to you as well, love
What beautiful flowers! Happy Easter to you and yours Sharon! I am in love with the little kimono, what a gorgeous colour! That little hat and sweater and perfect for a little boy!
Such adorable wee little knits!
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