Thursday, April 05, 2007


Website ideas

The last thing I am is a graphic designer, but I have been thinking for quite a while about starting a new blog, which would be an actual website, y'know, with my own domain name and everything. A couple of ideas have been percolating and finally bubbled up to the surface last night. Now as I said, no designer am I, however I spent some time downloading free fonts, googling pics, and trying to mortice it all together in a coherent way without having to spend money on the likes of Photoshop or Publisher (which I have neither the time nor patience to figure out).

This first notion was born of a character played by the then-adorable Mario Van Peebles as he appeared in the 1985 Clint Eastwood film, "Heartbreak Ridge." He played a wanna-be rock star in the Marines, and the character's name, Stitch Jones, is so rich with meaning if you're a compulsive knitter.

Another idea I have been tinkering with is the idea of knitting as comfort. Now when I want to retreat into that perfectly secure, insular childhood world where I don't have to deal with a recalcitrant teen and being slammed with too much work and mandatory 4:00 PM meetings at the office, I close my eyes and see the 1960's kitchens of my little-girl-hood. The coffee bubbles in the electric percolator and fills my nostrils with a tantalizing aroma, although the pleasure of drinking the rich dark liquid with lots of sugar is restricted only to rare visits to my grandmother's. Traditional breakfast dishes abound: scrambled eggs, French toast, and waffles. With plenty of butter and Log Cabin syrup, of course.

Among the threads of these musings, there is knitting. I haven't yet photographed my latest FO, which is another MDK baby kimono made of Bliss cotton cashmere in red-violet. What newborn girl (or boy for that matter) wouldn't look yummy in that? I just need to add the ribbon trim, then I will photograph and post it. My plain-vanilla lace shawl in Rowan Tapestry, which is actually wool and soyfiber, is coming together more beautifully than I imagined.

If you are so moved, your comments are warmly welcomed about my fledgling web designs! (or about anything else for that matter!)

So, you want to keep the American Flag theme behind the military writing? It's a little distracting, IMHO, you could try camoflague instead. I wonder if there would be some way to have stitch jones on dog tags.
those are awesome suggestions. thanks!
Let me know if I can do anything to help you, at all.
Also, thanks for making me into a Koigu whore....now I am buying it in droves 6 skeins, Sharon...6!
Thanks Flutter--I appreciate it and will definitely take you up on the offer.

Whoa, you bought 6 skeins of Koigu in one purchase? I thought I was the reigning Koigu ho, but you win!! :P Whatcha going to do with all that (gorgeous) yarn?
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