Saturday, April 21, 2007


I made lace

Yup, I actually managed to finish a lace project, albeit a tiny one. This is a baby cap with a garter lace edging, one of a trio of "Snuggly Baby Hats" from an old issue of Interweave Knits, and it took less than a ball of Baby Cashmerino. Just needs some light blocking and it will be good to go. I thought it'd make a decent baby gift presented with the red-violet kimono. I don't know about you, but after making this on size 2 dpn's, I'm ready for a big-needle project!

I picked up more tulips from VanderZanden Farms. These are probably the last of the season, as we're having near-torrential rain (on the weekend, natch) and at Easter the nice folks predicted only a couple more weeks for tulips. I enjoyed 'em while they lasted.

I found myself in Borders this afternoon, and while leafing through the current Vogue Knitting mag, I saw two things I don't believe I've ever seen in VK since I've been a serious knitter: baby garments, and plus size patterns. And they're making me want to knit them! A few years ago, I let my VK subscription lapse, because aside from a few interesting shawls, there was nothing I could knit for myself because I'm a big gal and trying to size up a pattern means I have to use numbers, and numbers make my head hurt. So I'm pleased to see this new feature in the magazine, and there is a baby jacket with a Peter Pan collar that I can't wait to cast on for. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern, so of course it uses Baby Cashmerino in pastel, but the deal maker for me is the collar edging in dark chocolate brown! (I know, I had you at "dark chocolate".) It gave me instant cute fits. So I see a trip to the LYS in my very near future.

Being happy rules.

Oh Sharon that is the cutest little thing!

I have to tell you that I made the cutest little baby sweater out of the koigu you sent, it is the sweetest thing.
That's about the cutest baby hat I've ever seen! You did a great job on it, and kudos to you for having the patience to work with the small needles!
Thank you ladies!
Agreed, that is adorable!
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