Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I listened to my muse

...and got bad advice.

The Fauve ribbon is indeed gorgeous, and this is the first time I've test-driven any of Louisa Harding's lovely yarns--but it is an absolute bee-yotch to work with. Slippery, slick nylon, and the least bit of rough skin on your fingers will result in snags and pulls. Bleh. And knots! Friends, even though it was a sale purchase, this should "knot" happen, pardon the atrocious pun. Because the yarn is so temperamental, I wanted a project with the least amount of fuss, so I'm doing a plain stockinette-in-the round camisole from ChicKnits. It's the same tried and true pattern which resulted in a nice, soft cami in a lilac shade of Rowan Calmer last summer. Muse, what did I do to deserve such a bum steer? You know I'm easily distracted by shiny objects, so maybe this is your way of telling me to stop the impulse yarn buys.

I have dubbed this WIP my "waiting room project" because it was done almost in its entirety in various health professionals' waiting rooms: my daughter's therapist, my therapist, (actually the same waiting room,) and last night we were at the hospital emergency room from 7 pm to midnight. We thought the kid was having an appendicitis attack, but it turned out to be an intestinal virus, the name of which I can't even begin to relate here but is in fact fairly common and mimics the symptoms of appendicitis. Following the ER doctor's instructions, I fed the child jello (bleh) to keep her on clear liquids, and Vicodin for her pain--which are both now coming up as I write this. (sorry, I probably should have put a little disclaimer, "warning, do not read if you are eating because I'm going to talk about throw-up," or something like that.) Poor kid. I'm also getting some indirect flak from my employer, because we're swamped and shorthanded, but the bottom line since October 20, 1990, the day I gave birth to a baby girl, is that if I am forced to choose between a job and a family member who needs me...duh, do I even have to finish this sentence?!

So, to those who know who they are--here's my eloquent message o'the day: Stick it!

yeah, STICK IT! Seriously, friggin' muses are so tempramental.
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