Saturday, April 28, 2007


Feeling better now

Love that Collective Soul song.

I walked for over an hour on Thursday, and this afternoon I hiked for close to an hour along the Springwater Corridor Trail. Lucky for me that we've had beautiful, warm spring weather over the past few days. Unfortunately, that's supposed to end Monday, but I'm taking full advantage while I can. And to use the cliche, I really do feel like a new woman, so much more in control. Flutter and Kiki, I love you guys to pieces and don't know what I would do if you weren't there. Seriously!

Here are the hats I promised to show you last time. Another modeling gig for Edith.

Washed, blocked and just waiting for me to add the pom-pom, here is a basic stripey wool hat in guy colors. I made it for our ops manager, Dan, who bicycles frequently. I used some stash yarn--Patons Classic Wool in gray and Galway in navy.

Here's the other one:

This is one wacky roll-brim. It's mostly Manos, but I snuck in a little baby alpaca (the wide, off-white stripe) and a few yards of a wool-acrylic blend. Not sure who's going to end up with this one--it's too small for me, besides, I have my Koigu watch cap that I made back in January when I thought I was going to have chemo. (That dang breast infection is rearing its ugly head again! I'm postponing calling the doc about it, because it will surely mean another course of antibiotics--ew--and I cancelled my MD appointment because the walking is helping more than medication. This concludes today's Chickenlips health update.) anyway, back to this ass-clown hat. I may end up sending it on to Afghans for Afghans.

glad you're feeling better honey, the hats are fab. Although, it's like 80 in Phoenix already so I can't imagine wearing one right now
Gorgeous hats! So glad you are feeling better, it's amazing what a little time away from all the crap of life can do.
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