Sunday, April 15, 2007


The desert island question

OK, let's pretend you're stranded (hee), but you happen to have with you an unlimited quantity of one kind of yarn. What kind would that be? I'll go first: Rowan Calmer. It is just the softest, squooshiest yarn I've ever used. There are some great colors, and color names, in the line--such as "Lucky", a lilac-y shade, "Tinkerbell", which is an almost periwinkl-y blue, and "Sour"--the palest pale green. So, soft, yummy colors, and the deal clincher for me is that your garment will still look and feel great no matter how many times it's worn and washed. Must be the 25% microfiber in it. I've made myself quite a few shells, camis and tanks out of mercerized cotton, which tends to feel stiff and a bit rough with repeated washings, and also sags. But not Calmer, it bounces and behaves (remember that TV commercial--I think it was Breck shampoo!? Old-timer here!) With Gawd as mah witness, I'll never knit with 100% cotton again!

My dining room table looks like a Santa's workshop of UFO's. The body of the ChicKami is slooooowly progressing. I spent a good portion of yesterday going from one LYS to the next in search of enough Louisa Harding Fauve ribbon to complete the project, but to no avail. I ended up ordering it online, along with a couple hanks of Bliss Pure Silk--which, strangely enough, is also hard to come by here in the City of Roses and Yarn Shops! I've also got another baby kimono about 2/3 done, a couple of wee caps knit from stash, and I'm attempting a fancy-shmancy baby hat in garter lace. Sorry gang, no photos, but there will be next post.

Yarn trollop that I am, ("yarn ho" or "yarn slut" are not refined enough to describe me,) I look forward to your comments about what kind of yarn you can't live without.

Nappy headed ho? No? ok....

omg, I didn't even make the connection. >blush<
hmmm..I'd work with string if I had to, although I would prefer some nice Koigu.
I was totally teasing you honey
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