Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Pimp my ride?

Finally, a new vehicle for the Spence family. I haven't yet photographed the actual one, but it is a 2007 Kia Rondo, and you can see a photo here. Now, "crossovers" aren't just country music hits that become hits on the pop charts, they're also 4-door sedans that are minivan wannabes! Aw, shoot, it just feels good to drive something that isn't one big Starbucks stain, that has four intact drink holders instead of two broken ones, and perhaps most important, has that "new car smell."

It had been several years since J and I went through the car-buying process. We were reassured that that process has remained essentially the same; namely, it takes almost a whole frickin' day. As we set out for the local Kia dealer last Saturday afternoon, we were "just going to look," and of course the moment we drove onto the lot, we knew we were a couple of mackerel to the half-dozen salespeople who saw us. No matter. We wouldn't have gone at all if we hadn't sorely needed something dependable...our 1997 Chevy has +150K miles and is rapidly becoming a black hole of repairs. J. was about to walk away when they informed us it was worth nothing as a trade-in. (Drama queen.) I had to be the voice of reason, reminding him that our 16-year-old, whenever she decides to get her butt in gear and learn to drive, would need a car. To boil this dreary tale down to its essence, there are now three cars in our fleet, two of which are paid for.

A Little Spring

Two nice things: I seem to have conquered that nagging skin disorder which plagued me for months, and there are buds on the lilac bushes outside the bedroom window. Next week I'll be in San Diego--I'll miss seeing the Portland appearance of the Mason-Dixon gals, but when I expressed that lament on the MDK blog, sweet Ann Shayne emailed, reassuring me they'd be back at some point. Also, this week I got up the gumption to email Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot herself, a picture of a baby sweater that is her pattern on Knitty, called "Daisy":

Stephanie wrote back the very same day complimenting me on it. Thus reinforcing my long-held belief that knitters are the cat's pajamas.

Insomniacs Knit!
Here I am again, after midnight and still in the trenches. I've been holding a slew of gorgeous Rowan Tapestry yarn (wool/silk) in my stash for months, and what am I doing with it but a tried-and-true lace shawl, a four-row repeat that I can tote around without having to bring the pattern.

The Orenburg lace shawl is in project limbo, waiting for that shining day when I have no pressing responsibilities, and am able to sit for hours and devote all my time, attention, and concentration to it. In other words, when I get around to taking that trip to Fantasyland, because now we have a (cue scary music) Car Payment!!

the dreaded car payment! Immediate penance for a big purchase....but damn if I don't love me a new car, anyway. I tagged you for a little meme....
Um yeah, that was me, btw
Gotta love having a new car. In my case, new to me. Well, it only had 3K miles, so practically new anyway. But boy, do they burn the cash like wildfire.
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