Monday, March 26, 2007


Pardon my dust


My sweet friend Nikki is helping me figure out what went wrong with my formatting, but in the meantime, I switched to a new template just 'cuz the the look of my blog was driving me batsheet crazy.

Chickenlips is off to sunny San Diego for the next three days. It's a long story how I got free airfare and managed to wangle the time off when our three-person department is already down to two, but I'll save it for a day when I feel like boring the stuffin' out of ya. Besides, I've got knitting, and new yarn! (ooo!)

I made another Daisy, this time out of Cascade Sierra, for a bodaciously cute boy who was born in January. The cap is from miles of leftover Wildflower DK--the yarn splits like mad crazy, so it isn't my favorite, but a great color when paired with the cardi and little yellow star buttons. The ensemble is still drying. I tried a new wool wash called "Soak" (sample packages of it are in the next pic) which leaves behind a subtle, yet lovely, fragrance. It comes in 3 scents: citrus, aquae, and floral. I tried the Aquae. I love Eucalan to death, but it does leave behind the smell of wet dog, and since it's raining, I've got two of those already!

Next up:

I've been a bad Chickenlips, but would ya have me any other way? I wish there was such a thing as a professional yarn shopper, because I'd make a great one. Some Baby Cashmerino for a jacket, because another lil' nipper is due in July, and a LYS had Louisa Harding "Fauve" (nylon ribbon) on sale. I thought the color was to die for. This completes my yarn shopping for this summer's tank top collection.

I'll Have That Vacation With A Side Of Guilt, Please

It's spring break chez Chickenlips, which means teenagers (Michelle's friends) are constantly underfoot. Emptying the fridge, vegging out in front of cable TV, and just generally being in-the-way little lumps is de rigueur; however, the line was crossed when the Internet junkie among the crowd (doubly irritating when the only Internet connection in the house is in my bedroom) started downloading material. Now, you'd think a 16-year-old boy would be downloading smut, right? Not this kid. College fight songs. Go figure. Ehh, it really doesn't matter what it is--it's the idea that some kid is in my room using the computer without my permission, and by this evening, I'd had enough. Just. Had. Enough. I threw the lot of them out, rather unceremoniously. And promptly felt like a rotten mother.

For about five minutes.

One more knitting shot:

Since I'm in knitting-for-babies mode, I had to make a blankie. It's also my first kit: 4 hanks of Blue Sky Cotton Hand Dyes, and an eyelet and ruffle pattern. It's really soft, cuddly stuff, and I'll be bringing it with me down to San Diego to stitch on.

Happy Spring Break, everybody!

oooo! My hometown! Have a wonderful time
Spring Break Woooooo!! Don't feel bad about booting the kids, especially the ones taking advantage. Drool drool over your new yarn purchases, they look yummy!

I just read a tip about splitting yarn...try working from the other end of the skein...Yarn is made of plies that are twisted together in one direction, and working against the twist makes the yarn tend to split...you learn something new every day. Have fun in Sandy Eggo. :)
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