Friday, March 30, 2007


The only thing better than flan

...is free flan.

I've returned from San Diego, or Sandy Eggo, as Kiki called it--now I'll never think of that town again without thinking of waffles, thanks, Kiki--and the gorgeous confection you're looking at, was my complimentary dessert for being a first-time visitor at a restaurant in Balboa Park (called "Prado").

No FO's to display, just WIPs, which I should have up next post, and next post may take a while. At work it's our annual Huge Pain in the Butt World-Famous Cruise Line Brochure and Fare Guide, translated into six languages, and every time that job comes around, the client wants it yesterday. I was at the office until 7 pm last night, and need to put in another 4 hours this weekend (FEH) to get things where they should be. However, since it wasn't MY idea to have a 3-hour staff meeting yesterday, perhaps my employer can just...bite me! Now there's an idea!

I am generally indifferent toward so-called "celebrities," but there is one I absolutely despise, so this made me feel much better:

Thank you, I cannot STAND her. I can't believe you ate at Prado! Oh you are making me so homesick. Balboa Park is one of my favorite places on earth. The big organ pavillion is so pretty and the wishing well behind Prado is where I had my very first kiss.
My man proposed to me at Balboa Park. *sigh*
that is so romantic!

I'm glad you have such fond memories of Prado and Balboa Park. They are enchanting places.
That is one good looking flan, much better than an eggo..hee hee.

I can't stand any of the women on that show...to me they all sound like a bunch of chickens all clucking at once...just like the Mad TV sketches...
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