Saturday, March 17, 2007


I think I broke my blog

I'm awful sorry for the hideous appearance of my blog! Tonight I'll spend some time trying to mend it. I'm not sure just how it got to be so nuked; it's probably the combination of Chickenlips and HTML (always a bad combo).

Let me also take this opportunity to be a leprechaun, and wish all of you a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

Moving right along, here's some knitting.

Plain Jane Socks

My current favorite sock pattern, "wide-wale" from Ann Norling, and Silky Wool. Makes a cuddly, fairly thick sock, and I'll probably end up keeping the pair.

oh, god. David Hasseloff! YECHHHH!!
oh, is THAT who it is?! Ewwww! I didn't recognize him 'cause I don't watch TV. I'll be taking that pic down pronto, before everybody thinks I'm weird! Weird in a bad way I mean.

I actually thought he was just some Chippendale guy. (hee--I know--gay!!)
don't hassle the hoff..hehehehe, I thought it was hilarious! Kenny looks good too :) Your socks look very cozy!
ah yes, and your sock looks very cozy...heh sorry I was so blinded by the hoff that I lost sight of your wonderful knitting
Erm - are you sure you don't want to take me up on the offer to help with your blog set out :)

PS - was it you who sent the facial stuff? It arrived and I got a bit confused and then I thought perhaps it's from SP9?
Hi Nikki! Yes, I'm sending out a SOS, please do help. I'll email you before I go to bed tonight. Nope, it wasn't I who sent the facial stuff...wish someone would send me some, lol
Haven't had an e-mail through yet - so just in case: dottyspots @ ninnynoodlenoo.com (putting it all together of course). I'll rewrite the template so that everything is in it's place again, but I will need access to the files to see what's gone wrong.
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