Saturday, February 10, 2007


A wild hair

Yes, it's me!

Because January 2007 sucked so hard, and I'm continuing treatment for that persistent infection (the one suspected to be cancer but isn't), I decided to go down to the salon and have something drastic done to my hair. When I informed my spousal unit of my plans, his only comment was "just don't get it cut." We'd all be running around with our hair down to our butts if it were up to him. Well, first my hair was dyed "mocha"--seeing it that dark was alone a bit of a shocker--and blonde highlights were added on top. For once, spousal unit liked what was done to my hair! This pleased me so much that I decided to retire my little South Park avatar and use this self-taken photo in my Blogger profile.

Thank you for the kudos on my blanky--I love working on it. It is indeed very snuggly. I'm planning to devote the remainder of the weekend to knitting, having done my part to keep America beautiful.

look how gorgeous!!! I might have to steal your color, you look amazing
Hello you! I love your hair, you look great!!
Very cool hair!! I love it!! :)
Your hair looks great :) no wonder you're pleased with it.
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