Sunday, February 04, 2007


Super Sunday

Something hilarious happened this afternoon, which I absolutely must, can't not, blog about. (Note that the following contains adult material, so if you are under 18, please proceed here.)

My teenage daughter and I, upon returning home from an afternoon errand, found our miniature dachshund puppy Jimmy gnawing on a toy. However, closer inspection revealed that it wasn't a dog toy. The little dickens had somehow gotten hold of my daughter's vibrator! (Yes, I was aware that she owned one, although finding it on the living room floor in such a fashion made for a weird moment between us, to say the least.) Fortunately, she and I were the only ones there--I'm glad we weren't accompanied by any visitors, or relatives, like, um, let's say her Dad. She'd kill me if she knew I was putting this on my blog, but then again, I've always lived a bit dangerously. And since I am the mom, it's really tough shit, n'est-ce pas?

WIP It Good, or What I Do Instead Of Housecleaning

Cabled scarf in Noro Cash Iroha. Let's see if my LYS' pattern is accurate, that only 2 skeins are needed. Major blocking will certainly be needed, but it looks promising so far.

I couldn't resist starting another comfort shawl, this one with the Peace Fleece I purchased via internet direct from the PF people in Maine last fall. It isn't the softest yarn I've ever worked with, but it isn't Brillo-like either. It's about like Shetland, I guess. The color is reminiscent of the masala sauce at my favorite Indian restaurant--it's actually called "Glasnost Gold." They also offer "Perestroika Pink" and by the time you've perused their list of available colors, you can get 3 poli-sci credits for a semester of 20th-century Russia.

And my Log Cabin Moderne blanket grows apace. I'll save the photo, and my goodie haul from today's LYS Super Bowl sale, for next entry.

Dang, my house is a mess...yet today is the cheeriest I've felt in a long time.

LMAO!! Oh how funny, she must've been mortified.
She was, totally.
Hi - just checking in - that's a great story :)

I'm sorry to hear of your recent scare but pleased to hear the results are negative, my grandmother recently had a full mastectomy and it was a scary time.

Thank you for being a great SP and I'll add a button to my blog and check in on periodically :)
LMAO, as teenagers would say! I wonder if it was a "Dr. Phil Life Changing Moment" for her!
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