Thursday, February 08, 2007


Show and tell

Blogger, along with my 16-year old, is choosing to be difficult tonight, so I couldn't upload all the photos I wanted to in the last post. I wanted to show off the Log Cabin Moderne, because it's growing up to be such a big, strong blanky:

I wasn't exaggerating about the mess in da house. "Craft corner" looks more like crap corner. But the blanket, oh my! One more moss green block, one more cream block, a purple border, and it's a fait accompli.

Yes Ma'am, One Bag Full

The haul from the Super Bowl sale at Knitting Bee: 6 hanks of Gems Merino Fingering weight in aqua, to make the Arctic Diamonds Stole from IK's winter issue; and 2 hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Black Purl--just because it's sock yarn. Lousy photo, I know. But holding all this sweet sweet yarn is the Bee's own canvas tote.

Once upon a time, really not so long ago, I was being overly cautious in not wanting to appear as though I was promoting any particular LYS, so I made it my policy to refrain from mentioning any yarn shop here. Well, I was being a pompous ass, because writing my previous blog entry made me realize what an important part of my knitting life such places are. They are no less than spaces which contain and sustain my creativity--so why the heck shouldn't I talk 'em up?

I so want to crawl up in that blanket and take a nap, it looks scrumptuous
Your blanket looks very cozy! And your craft corner isn't so bad...my hubby refers to my pile of stash in the corner as Mt. Kiki, and keeps threatening to hire sherpas to guide him to the top...
LOL--now that's creative!
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