Thursday, January 25, 2007


When hockey hair strikes

...the best thing to do is to just let it run its course. (Borrowing heavily from the late, great Mystery Science Theater 3000, the Final Sacrifice episode, which was billed as "the worst thing ever to come out of Canada.")

DISCLAIMER: The above citation in no way reflects the blog owner's opinion of our great neighbor to the north. I'm eternally grateful to a country whose contributions to the world include the best band in the universe!

*ahem* On to a more serious subject. I didn't feel that a mere blog post was sufficient to convey this most awesome news:

(courtesy of Church Sign Generator. Who knew?!) OK, so I wanted to tell y'all that I DON'T have cancer in the cleverest way I could think of. The anguish of the past week has left me on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and in the throes of a sinus infection, but stress, sickness and yeast be damned, I celebrated with a big ol' slice of cheesecake. It'll be a while before I'm clear-headed and healthy enough to contemplate the size of the bullet I've just dodged. To knock out the breast infection for good and aye, I've been put on a new course of antibiotics (something called "Doxycycline," curiously enough, which gives me an instant mental image of little dachshunds on tiny bicycles. I guess you gotta a) love dachshunds and 2) be on drugs.)

And my Stitches West class info came in the mail today, which I am looking forward to with renewed enthusiasm! I'm signed up for a day-long class called "Embraceable Lace" with Galina Khmeleva, who co-authored Gossamer Webs.

The little Koigu hat I started, thinking I was gonna need a chemo cap, is about half done. Pic should be up over the weekend. I'm still exhausted and sick--but be assured, I'm also very, very grateful, and glad to be alive.

Amen, Shalom, and Blessed Be.


phew! I am so glad you're ok, honey!! And yeah, that hair sucks...bad.
Oh, Sharon, I am thrilled over your news! Made tears come to my eyes! Glad you liked the card..I have been saving it for you!
Oh wow, that is such great news!! Very happy for you! :) Yippee!!

On a more serious note--not--I'm Canadian and so is my hubby and we're both as old as dirt and neither one of us have heard of this so-called "Mystery Science Theater 3000" if it's a tv show or film then I could probably suggest at least a dozen other Canadian-made shows that would be of equal or greater suckiness.
Thanks so much you guys!! I haven't felt this much relief since my last speeding ticket was thrown out of court on a technicality. ^o^

Kay--"Mystery Science Theater 3000" was a cult TV comedy that ripped on extremely bad films. The episode I was referring to was a 1990 movie called "The Final Sacrifice" that was made in Canada and was really, really awful, so the MST3K cast had a ball with it.
I knew about sign generators. More on
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