Monday, January 01, 2007


Starting off the New Year right

...with Koigu socks. I was fortunate enough to have snapped up the last two hanks of this colorway at a LYS. The pattern I'm using, which I like more than any other sock pattern I've tried, is Ann Norling. Second sock has been cast on, and I have 3" of the cuff completed.

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2007. I've spent the past couple of days watching the "Twilight Zone" marathon on the SciFi channel--I was always most intrigued by the episodes that had some sort of futuristic bent--and when I was a kid I imagined that by now we'd all be zipping around in flying cars. When I mentioned that at the Christmas Eve family gathering, someone commented that it's a good thing we aren't, because there are so many bad drivers on the road! It's absolutely true, so there wasn't anything I could say to that.

Thought He Was Gonna Drive Me Into The Sea, But He Just Gave Me A Ride To The Beach

Gray, cold and damp it was in Seaside on Saturday afternoon, but that didn't keep folks away entirely. This week is the height of the grey whale migration, and there were whale watching posts set up all along the Oregon coast. We spent some time at Cannon Beach looking at the ocean, and saw a couple of ships but no whales. The most interesting part of this particular quick beach trip was seeing the extensive damage that the recent wind storm did to the trees and guard rails on the highways. Bit of a mess there.

I did promise a progress photo of Salt Peanuts. Although I have yet to snap a picture, I can tell you that the back of the garment is complete and I have just cast on for one of the fronts. My goal is to have it ready to wear down to the Bay Area for Stitches West at the end of Feb. It's probably a good thing I'm enrolled in a lace class with Galina Khmeleva, as the all-day session will keep me from filling a rolling suitcase with yarn.

I just love you....and that sock. YUM!

I lurrve you too...thank you for caring about my blog (sniff)
Your sock looks wonderful! Are you becoming a sock kniter addict? I never thought it would happen to me...but it did:)SP9
oh, I so am. Hopelessly hooked on making socks!
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