Tuesday, January 16, 2007


If you've ever been too sick to knit...*

Nope, you're probably not a redneck, but chances are you're pretty sick and should seek medical attention right away. Such was the case for me Sunday and yesterday, as the nagging skin infection for which I have been unsuccessful in getting effective treatment broke down my skin to the point where truly evil bacteria invaded. Last night, my fever crested at 103.5, which sounds rather like an FM radio dial setting, but I can assure you it wasn't pleasant. All I could do was lay in bed or sit in my chair bundled in nightgown, robe, blankets, heating pad and dachshunds, and moan. Forget knitting--just using the remote was an effort. However, I did see my primary care physician yesterday afternoon, and the antibiotic she prescribed (Bactrim, in my case) began kicking in overnight. When I woke up this morning, there were no fevers, chills or headaches, no runs, no hits, no errors and none left on.

But there was a crapload of snow.

Since the hub had to go into work, he chained up the car and gave me a ride to the office, where I was told I was just in time to go back home because the office was immediately closing due to the weather. (Dear Portland Area Meteorologists: Just because you can't effectively predict snow doesn't make this a "freak" storm.) Some of the side roads are glass, because there's packed snow on top of ice, so tomorrow morning getting to work should be a real comedy.

Just One Mitten For This Kitten

Meh. Feh. Too small, really. But it works in a pinch. I would have completed the pair over the weekend had it not been for the nefarious flesh-eating disease. (I'm exaggerating a tad there.) This evening I'll set to work in earnest, so that I have a pair of green angora mittens.

*My riff on the Jeff Foxworthy joke "If you've ever been too drunk to fish..."

Gah! Too sick to knit! Terrible times.

Stay safe on the road...and yes, Rome was well worth the wait!:)
I hope you feel much better soon, what a drag not being able to knit! I tried that mitten pattern and also found it a bit small, which is weird cause I don't have big hands, but oh well, I wonder if using bigger needles would help? What a drag getting a snow storm in the winter, ;) I hate it when that happens...
thanks k, I'm not quite out of the woods yet but not quite fixin' to die.

I cast on 4 more stitches for the second mitten (supposedly the "men's" size.) If they're different sizes, I'm fine with it. ^o^
poor girl! I hope you feel better!
i spent this weekend too sick to knit

...it scared me, and my doc is hounding me for tests as well

i empathize

and i got new sock yarn in the mail today
*woot woot*

golly gee
thanks a bunch
i'm dying to get crackin' on some socks that rox

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