Sunday, January 07, 2007


Ends and odds and evens

I read that in one of Amy Tan's books, the second one I think. Although it isn't the best ESL, I think it's a pretty accurate description of this post. Let's start with the goodie I received in yesterday's mail:

From my Secret Pal. It's awesome!! Every day there's a blurb about someone's favorite yarn, or a knitting-related quote, or a handy idea dubbed "nice tips," (hey I'll take it as a compliment,) and a pattern every Friday. How cool is that? Thank you, Secret Pal! What a nice way to keep the fun of SP9 going for the whole new year.

A Couple of FO's

Prominently displayed on our Christmas tree is something I've started calling "The Long And Skinny Scarf," with apologies to Lennon-McCartney--although the song "Long And Winding Road" was probably written entirely by the walrus, Paul. He was pretty much running the show back then, telling everyone else what to do, and although everybody blamed Yoko for the breakup, it was really his fault. There, I've put that controversy to rest once and for all. But seriously, I even started writing my own lyrics (bear with me):

The long and skinny scarf
That winds 'round your neck...

OK, that's as far as I've managed to get, but I tell you what. Finish the verse for me, and I'll send you a nice new ball o'yarn from my extensive stash. 'K? (note-it must be singable to the tune of "Long And Winding Road," and it must rhyme.)

Back to the scarf--I made it for Diana, the co-worker for whom I knit handwarmers in the same yarn, which is Berroco "Foliage." It took two skeins, and was K3, P3 rib over 27 stitches on size 7 straights. I have to admit, it looked smashing on her. Another Diana project is in the planning stages--those lace-up fingerless gauntlets I raved about in my last post that Diana had described to me are actually from the Leigh Radford book "AlterKnits." I'll knit, she'll model, and I'll post the pics.

The ribbed cap, modeled by the trusty Edith Head, was made from just over 1 ball of Bliss Cashmerino Aran, so it's soft and smooshy. I received an offer to subscribe to Vogue Knitting, and they graciously included the free pattern, intended for a skein of Kureyon. I've been a VK subscriber before, but IMHO VK (sorry for all the acronyms there, hope you're still with me) patterns don't stack up to Interweave Knits, my favorite and only knitting magazine subscription.

The sharp-eyed may notice the skull ornament on the Christmas tree. I picked that up a few years ago at a store in Northwest Portland called "Christmas At The Zoo." I picked it up for Michelle, because she has always loved anything having to do with Halloween. I no longer have the lore that came with the ornament, but glass decorations of that type are supposedly an ancient tradition from somewhere in the old country--Germany or Austria I believe.

glad you liked it! I was lucky to find it..it was the last one and I debated on keeping it for myself!
You are hilarious!
That calendar looks pretty sweet! Your scarf and hat are superb!
That's right, make Paul take the blame. Jealous of Yoko's what he was.

*ahem* on with the song

"The long and skinny scarf
that winds 'round your neck"
will always keep you warm
no'matter how cold it gets
it lo-oves to be worn
just don't get it wet.

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Oh, Darlin! You did it! I owe you a ball o'yarn. I'll email you straightaway for your address. Do you live on Penny Lane or Abbey Road? (hee) OK, enough with the Beatle song and album references.

Congratulations, and as always, thank you for playing!
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