Sunday, January 14, 2007


Down in the dumps, or just dumpy

Photo lifted from a so-so knitting publication. This sweater is a glaring example of knitwear model abuse, because to swaddle this otherwise svelte young lady in such a manner makes her look like she's either a) pregnant with a craving for Ben & Jerry's Phish Food so sharp she's got several pints stashed in there, or b) the Michelin tire man. I also have to pass along that the magazine blurb about this pattern reads in part: "...gently outlines your curves." Is that a euphemism for "makes your ass look like it has its own zip code?" I rather think that just like "the real killers" and "WMD's", it's merely a lie.

The above will have to suffice for my weekly entry of Wayback Wednesday--not so retro, but goofy knitting. In fact, my schedule and life being what they are, I'll just have to be catch-as-catch-can about posting whatever photos I can find that may give a chuckle, if not updating the old blog itself!

But hey, I'm not so distracted that I'm not knitting, or buying yarn. I finished this creation yesterday morning:

It's another Lacy Scarf. This time, I used 2 balls of Artful Yarns' "Heavenly". It's soft, twinkly and mohair-y. The colors in it helped perk up both my somber winter wardrobe and my spirits, it being dreary, gray January in the Northwest and also fuh-fuh-freezing.

Purchased but not pictured: 2 hanks of Lavold Angora in lime green. It's so bloody cold that I need a pair o'mittens like nobody's business! Once again, I searched the trusty Knitting Pattern Central and came up with a basic mitten pattern knit on 2 needles. I've already started the thumb gusset on the first mitten; my goal is to have the pair finished tomorrow.

I love the wording "Extra-Large Sizing" next to her picture...if it makes her look that big, what ever will it do for the more 'fluffy' person? Love the scarf, the colours are awesome! Can't wait to see your mittens!
That poor girl looks like she's smuggling a cat.
smuggling a cat...hee >^o^<
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