Monday, January 22, 2007


Diagnosis: Hurry up and wait

My thanks to all who took the time to pass along good wishes and positive thoughts--knowing my online friends are pulling for me helps me more than I can say. I wish I knew for sure what was wrong with me. I went to a surgeon today and had a biopsy done. When he examined me, the first thing he said was that it didn't look like other cases of IBC that he'd seen. It's entirely possible that what I have is a deep, stubborn infection that isn't responding to the antibiotics I've been prescribed so far, and all I need is the right medication and enough of it to kill the damn bug. In addition to the tissue samples taken for staining and freezing in the lab, at least one sample was sent for a culture. The upshot of all this is that I won't have results until this Friday at the soonest, or next Monday at the latest. One thing I could have done without was this particular doctor's sanctimonious, Dalai Lama-esque rap along the lines of "if this turns out to be an infection we can easily take care of, just use this experience as a wake-up call to make changes so that you're living your life the way you want." Puh-lease! I hear this guy has a book coming out: Chicken Droppings For The Soul. Ah, well, surgeons never have been known for their bedside manner, but I still think he's a bit of a jerk.

To be updated as soon as I find out what's going on. Because I'm always thinking ahead, I cast on for a cute little Koigu hat which could double as a chemo cap. Or not. All I know is, I've eaten half a Cadbury bar and several graham crackers, and it's a good thing I'm in my bathrobe because the vicious sugar/stress cycle that has become my life has me exhausted.

Good night, good people.

Doctors! They can be real dicks sometimes, can't they? Some of them think they should have God status or something. I know the waiting will be the hardest, hang in there! Sending good vibes your way.
thank you, sweetie!
go get yourself a massage, baby. ((flutterhugs))
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