Friday, December 22, 2006


Y'all are gonna love this

Last post, I carried on so much with the boring, work-related crap that I forgot to mention the wonderful Miss Doxie, aka Leigh. An Atlanta attorney with a small herd of dachshunds, Miss Doxie blogs about such subjects as wiener dogs, her boyfriend Dukay, and getting drunk and buying shoes online, although not necessarily in that order. Her delightful humor and original "Bad Wiener" drawings have garnered her a fiercely loyal readership, and lucky us--Leigh opened her online store, Shop Doxie, just in time for Christmas. I bought three packs of gift tags, and they came beautifully packaged with a personal note. The lady is a dynamo, what can I say. The tag pictured reads "this for you! You better like it." That is one of my favorites, along with Bad Wiener wearing a Santa hat that's too big for him, with the message, "merry damn christmas." (The lowercase captioning somehow seems to boost the cute factor and drollery.)

Friends, if you own a dachshund or three, or know someone who does, you owe it to yourself to spend some time in Miss Doxie's world. She manages to make the subject of poop funny without going down to the grade-school level. Although I must admit, dachshund persons such as myself deal with copious amounts of poop where it shouldn't be on a regular basis, so it's either laugh about it or get rid of the damn dog! And even though today Jimmy grabbed my unfinished Trekking sock and ran around the house with it while I sat at the computer, rendering the yarn a hopeless tangle, and is generally a poop manufactory of the first magnitude, I put him in the pet carrier for a desperately needed time out...but get rid of him? Never.

It's a sickness. Has to be.

Hi Pal,

I have not forgotten you! In fact, as soon as the holiday madness is over I am sending out a lovely little package for you. Was hoping to get it to you BEFORE Christmas..but it just didn't happen. Hope you enjoy your Christmas! SP9
Yay, my secret pal! Hadn't heard from you in a while, hope everything is all right. ^o^ Merry merry Christmas to you too!
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