Monday, December 25, 2006


Made for each other

Now, a great guitar and a great guitar player are united!

It's been nothing short of a great Christmas here at chez Chickenlips. The shopping, wrapping, visiting, feasting and gifting are complete. Instead of post-holiday letdown, I'm experiencing a mellow tryptophan high courtesy of the turkey-with-all-the-fixin's I spent all day cooking and 15 minutes eating. At least I don't have to do the dishes! I was serenaded through most of the kitchen prep (now I know what a Gibson Les Paul sounds like) and the man in the picture is now on cleanup duty.

Since this is one rockin' household, and the metal just keeps grinding louder, may I present the lyrics to Twisted Sister's "Heavy Metal Christmas":

"On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me--
12 silver crosses; 11 black mascaras; 10 pairs of platforms; 9 tattered T-shirts; 8 pentagrams;
7 leather jackets; 6 cans of hairspray; 5 skull earrings; 4 quarts of Jack; 3 studded belts; 2 pairs of spandex pants; And a tattoo of Ozzy!"

Because Sometimes You Gotta Eat

No Suzy Homemaker am I, nor should we even mention the name Martha. Since I've never been big on decorated sugar cookies, but am a chocoholic of the first order, this is my take on the Christmas cookie. My brother shares the love, so this is his plate. The recipe is called "French Pistachio Butter Creams," and it's from a Ladies Home Journal of about 10 years ago. Which, coincidentally, is about how long I've been making these goodies at Christmas.

Still Knitting

Now that I've finished my dad's Trekking socks, I'm free to resume work on other WIP's. I'm ready to begin the back armhole shaping on Salt Peanuts. A progress photo will accompany next post.

Oh, and...


Merry Christmas to YOU!
You are awesome, thank you for volunteering your reading and critiquing services! *smooooch*
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