Sunday, November 05, 2006


Shopping day

...for gifts to send to my Secret Pal in England. This embroidered pouch is what I've got so far. Not pictured is a small desk calendar called "Wisdom of the East" with an inspirational quote for each day. The front of the box features probably the most famous of the 19th century woodblock prints from Japan, that of the fishing boat being swallowed by the tsunami wave. I also found a lovely card with the same print.

The bulk of today will be spent hunting down other pressies. I'm going to New Seasons after some scented soaps and Dagoba chocolate (note to self: try Dagoba chocolate before sending. I'm sure it's great, but one must do a personal taste test. I'm sure you understand.) Then, since she needs something in which to keep her circs, I'll head to Craft Warehouse (not to be confused with Crap Warehouse) for a Clover embroidered circular case. Also some cute buttons, if I can find some, to add to the goodie pile.

The past few weeks have been Party Central, what with the birthdays and all. Since Michelle's birthday and mine are only six days apart, we got both our names on the cake last Saturday night at the family dinner.

From JaCiva's bakery in SE Portland. It was every bit as scrumptious as it looks. But alas, the parties are over, figuratively as well as literally. I've had a weight problem since Michelle was born, but since a hysterectomy in '04 and quitting smoking in January of this year, it's quite out of control. I saw a dietitian last week, and am now sucking down as much water as I can stand, starting first thing in the morning and continuing until evening. Since it's impossible to change everything at once, we decided to start with zero-calorie fluids and eating out less often. (I indeed have become the take-out queen since I've been working full time.) So, Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice are my new best buds.

Roseanne has never been one of my favorites, but I watched her HBO special last night. One thing she said which struck me: "Half the world is starving and the other half is trying to lose weight." It does help a new dieter keep perspective.

Knitting-related content: I'm on the homestretch with the Pismo Hat. In my mini-warehouse of stash yarn, I've also got enough Lavold Angora to knit a cardigan called "Salt Peanuts" (where do they get these names!?) from an Interweave Knits of a couple of years ago. I'm eager to finish up some smaller stuff on needles so I can tackle the cardi.

That cake looks yummy! Ugh, weight and watching what we eat? Yuck. It is on my mind as I sip my coffee with fresh whipped cream and crave chocolate that I shouldn't be having these treats;) good for you to start with water drinking...reminded me I should do the same.
It's amazing how much good stuff happens with just the water! I have lots more energy, and it helps me eat less. I still eat chocolate though--I couldn't imagine having to give that up! ;)
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