Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Pee-wee Herman: the early years

"No way Billy, it can't really make you go blind! Can it?"

(We here at Chickenlips want to apologize for that caption. We're very, very sorry, and it will never happen again.)

Help A Friend Help Others This Holiday Season

On a serious note, my friend Christine, aka Flutter of Fluttercrafts, is doing something special for the holiday season. She is an online bell ringer for the Salvation Army. Check it out! Click here and help fill her red kettle.

I'd like to comment on your post, but I think I've gone blind....errr did that give you too much information about me? *wink*

Sorry to hear about your car! That sucks! We can be immobile together, this here weekend. I am knitting socks and doing some work for school...

also, thank you SO much for mentioning the kettle. The salvation army does such awesome work! You rock
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