Monday, November 20, 2006


Look! Patriotic knitting!

Completed and ready to ship: one helmetliner for a U.S. soldier, modeled by my trusty wig form, Edith Head. Thank you Kerry, for raising this challenge to SP9 participants--it's well worth the effort, and actually an easy and fun knit. I was able to finish it in a weekend, and this being the home of "Chickenlips," that's significant!

I Hate O.J.


"If I Did It." Come on! How stupid does he think we are? Y'know, I don't often stray from my favorite topic, knitting, and unlike other knit bloggers whom I enjoy reading, such as Marilyn, I prefer not to cuss on my blog. The way I figure it, if I'm going to drop F-bombs, they'll be the verbal kind as opposed to the written. But seriously, O.J. Simpson-- fuck you.

seriously, fuck him right in the ear.

His poor kids
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