Sunday, November 12, 2006


Knit happened

Completed: another pair of fingerless mitties. Oh, I've got a long way to go before I'm done making hand warmers for everyone for the winter, but this pair is for one of my favorite co-workers.

Only one is shown; honest, I made 2, and the other one is different. It must be a tic or something, the way I darn in ends and immediately reach for the camera, but the mate is actually not as interesting as this one. I used Berroco Foliage, which has the random stripe pattern and is a wool/ackrylic blend. I've got another unused ball of it left-- perhaps I'll do a quick hat.

Here are the Opal sox which I began on Sept. 23, the day of Oregon Flock & Fiber.

This is the fourth pair of sox I've completed in 2006. I know I should congratulate myself, but I have umpteen balls and skeins of groovy sock yarn which I've purchased in same calendar year, and they're looking at me accusingly.

Which brings me to:

I've Been Naughty

Oh, so naughty.

Went shopping at the Mill Ends Store yesterday. Yay, sushi fabric!! It's intended for a tote bag. My sewing ability is such that "Sewing for Dummies" might be too challenging for me, and I've already purchased other tote bag fabric which has been sitting untouched on my dining room table for the past couple of months. But am I gonna let that stop me? Naa! I also bought a pattern board, so I can cut the fabric without using a pattern, and I'm going to navigate on either the instructions from the first Stitch n' Bitch book or "Tote Bags 101" from Super Eggplant, a wing, a prayer, several deep breaths, and a grande mocha from Starbucks.

Oh yeah, there's some yarn there too. Suri Alpaca for a cabled scarf, and 10 hanks (too lazy to display them all) of this New Zealand wool for a sweater for Jason.

I so relate to the "too much sock yarn in my sockdrawer stash to allow any sense of accomplishment" with compelted projects:)
I have been working on the Nov. Socks that Rock pattern and a pair of Fetching mitts, a baby pattern and a felted bag as a gift.

I sure hope you are doing well! And remember to watch out...something should be arriving before Thanksgiving.

Then..I will mail your last box in time for Christmas.

Have a great week and keep drinking your water. I Know I need to! Your Sp9
another secret pal goodie box? squee! (clapping hands in delight)
ooooooh nice knucks! You're nice to your coworkers, I just yell at mine.... :)
The ladies on our DTP team often work in the computer lab, which is charmingly nicknamed "the cave," and cold hands is a frequent complaint. That one pair of mitts generated requests for at least two more pairs! :D
luvin' that sushi fabric!
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