Monday, November 27, 2006


Honey, I'm home

Greetings to one and all. The holiday season is now upon us with a vengeance! Got home yesterday from our Thanksgiving visit to Jason's family in Spokane. I'm blessed with a great mother-in-law, Lou, whom it was a pleasure to help with the dinner, and sister-in-law, Darla, both of whom I consider to be among the best friends I've ever had. Behind me in this photo is a memorial garden for Jason's brother Jonathan, Darla's husband, who passed away eight years ago. We miss him always.

But why, you may wonder, is Chickenlips not only having a rare moment of courage in posting her own photo, but twizzling about dancing in 35-degree weather?

Because as soon as I put the turkey in the oven, I glanced out the window, and saw the first snow of the season.

And that always makes me dance!

I Said Come On Over Baby, Whole Lotta Knittin' Goin' On

"We ain't fakin'/Whole lotta shakin' goin' on." (insert 4-letter word to make the rhyme work with the line above.) But I shit you not, I completed this pair of handwarmers for Darla over the weekend, using the fabulous 127 Print. I could buy a couple of bags of the stuff--in every colorway--I love it that much!

I am glad you posted you, it's so nice to have the face to put with the personality! You're adorable.
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