Saturday, November 04, 2006


The celebrations continue

I'm feeling rather unfocused tonight, but since I uploaded a bunch of pics, writing a blog entry seemed like the right thing to do. I'll start off with the knitting. Here is a WIP of something called a Pismo Hat. I'm using leftover Baby Cashmerino, but as is often the case with my stash knitting, I needed to pick up another ball of the soft pink.

Since I'm not a hat gal, this will join several other items in the bin of accessory and gift FO's. I'm hoping to be in fine shape by Christmas. And while we're on the subject of hats, this looks enticing. I've got some lovely Koigu in variegated pink, and also the two skeins of gorgeous lavender-blue that my Secret Pal sent me. I've been saving the pink Koigu since I scored it last Feb. at Stitches West, but seeing as how I've completed only 2.6 pairs of socks all year, it's probably a good idea to switch gears and use the fine-gauge yarns in quicker, more instant-gratification projects.

Remember this?

Today I finally got to present this outfit to the child for whom it was made. She turned 4 on 10/26, which was coincidentally my birthday. So we have this 1st decan of Scorpio synergy going. The little girl is the daughter of a friend who works at the LYS where I once worked. But the great news is that both garments actually fit the little girl really well! The sweater has some room to grow, or to layer. She and her mother were pleased, as was I. Smiles all around.

And since I'm in the mood to check in on old projects, here's a progress report on my blankie. It's my take on the Log Cabin Moderne, knit in Cashmerino Astrakhan.

A terrible photo--the top is a plum purple and the right middle section is a chocolate brown. Interesting juxtaposition of shades which I wish came through in the photography. Hardly worth the effort, because it took about 10 tries to upload. I've got more to blog about, but I've reached the end of my patience with Blogger, at least for tonight. Being at the mercy of POS software, I'll try for another blog entry tomorrow.

Look at all of your knitty goodness! You fabulous woman, you!

if only I could make a living as a knitter...

sometimes I think I was born a hundred years too late!
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