Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Wayback Wednesday #1: Caption This

I'm not gonna say a word.

Go for it!

"you think this is sassy, you should see the cod-piece"
My caption:

"Velma pondered why she couldn't figure out how to jump out of a cake like Marilyn Monroe. Smiling bravely, she pretended that all had gone according to plan."


runklespearson AT yahoo.com
"Who knew that felting would make it smaller?"

multnomah at comcast dot net
"Maybe this is why all the pattern I've every used say: be sure to check your gauge," wondered Jane as she tried desperately to to mimic her cat Fifi's 'I meant to do that!' face.
"you should see what I can balance on my ass!"
"Silly humans... first fruit baskets and now tiny hats."
I can't wait to read your answers to the SP questions. I am hoping you will give lots of detail:) I will have some birthday shopping to do.
The tiny hat is only a ploy to distract you from her see-through sweater.
Ah, you like my tiolet-paper-roll-cozy hat? The tumor on my left shoulder told me to knit it. Ha ha ha! Yeah, I just kind-of do what it tells me! Ha ha ha! Just keep smiling...no sudden movements...SHHH! Oh God, now it's telling me to kill....Benign MY SWEET-KNITTING ASS!
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