Thursday, October 19, 2006


Thank you Secret Pal!

I received my first Secret Pal package yesterday!

Chocolate...Koigu...Yarn Harlot book...and...and.. PEEPS PUMPKINS OMG!!
My Secret Pal rocks.

So glad you enjoyed your birthday bash in a box early:) SP
That is so awesome! oooo, did I miss your birthday?!?!
How is the book? :)
The Knitting Rules book is a gas! (sorry for that 1960s expression.) I can understand why knitters love Stephanie. I found myself in her pages--I am one of those "knitting missionaries" who will clothe casual acquaintances, and even complete strangers, in handknit items. That's me! She completely took the shame out of having a (ahem) large stash. She has such rock star status, but by all accounts she is very gracious and unaffected. It just goes to prove that nobody does funny like knitters! Thanks again SP.
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