Monday, October 23, 2006


Knitting, and deep thoughts

While wishing I could have been among the Rhinebeck glitterati this past weekend, I managed to bang out this pair of Fingerless Mitts--from a free pattern somewhere on the web, I forget where, but if somebody really wants the pattern I'll dig out the URL. The yarn is from my stash: "127 Print" by Filatura di Crosa. They came out a wee bit small for me, so I gave them to my co-worker (for whom I knit a pair of these same mitts) to pass along to her friend, who was coveting same mitts but loves pink. So, everybody's happy. That yarn will be a definite repeat purchase, if it's still available--it's so smooshy soft, very warm, and wearable--not itchy. (gazing into my knitting crystal ball) I see an ensemble of hat, scarf, and mitts in my future...or someone else's future...

Rhinebeck Musings

Naw, I didn't go to Rhinebeck! I live in the Pacific Northwest, fer cripes sakes. That's what my rational mind--the part of me that shows up for work and pays the Mastercard bill every month--says. And we have perfectly good fiber events here on the west coast. Why, just this past year, I've been to Stitches West in the Bay Area, Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, and Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival a month ago. Each trip was productive, in that I scored some fabulous yarn, pics of said yarn and FO's have appeared on this very blog. So why, pray tell, do I still have a hankering to go to the expense and hassle of attending a fiber event 3,000 miles from home?

Blame blogworld. Among others, I read Knitting Curmudgeon and follow the links of some of her posters, and it seems to me that a) Rhinebeck is the biggest fiber show in North America, and b) everybody who's anybody goes to it. Not that I'm accusing anyone of going just to "make the scene," you have to be a diehard knitter/spinner to brave the push and shove, but it seems that the fiber bloggers I'm most enamored of (did I just say that?) all go to Rhinebeck. Or maybe it's because all those folks are back East. Any thoughts?

Sweet 16

Just what kind of birthday cake do you get for a KISS fan who's turning 16? Now I don't have anything against KISS, I like a lot of their songs, although I do find Gene Simmons somewhat tiresome. (money, money, money...) But "Christine Sixteen," let me just go on record (no pun intended) as saying that I HATE THAT GODDAMN SONG!!

Well, it made the kid happy...

And when I realized that I had placed upon the cake and was lighting "Sixteen Candles," I got a little verklempt.

Anything for My Michelle.

ok, well being named Christine, you can just imagine the fun and frolic that ensued on my 16th birthday. Oy.

Were you serenaded (tortured) with that song I wonder?! Sometime we've gotta talk. I'll bring the vodka.

I've always loved the name Christine though. It's the name of my second cousin in Jersey who was my bestest friend when we were growing up.
Yes, well it's burned into my psyche. My dad attempting to rock out on the guitar and my brother doing this absurd little heavy metal head banging thing, as his sunglasses flew off and into my cake. Ahhhhhhh yeah....
I am actually so very pleased to have my name, Christine Hope..as I was almost named Tiffany Sue (barf)
Oh no! I'm so sorry. Yeah, a memory like that would stay with me through the years. And I can relate...I have a dad who did cute things when we were growing up, but bro' could usually be counted on to goof up the moment somehow.
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