Saturday, October 28, 2006


Happy Halloween, darlings

The sick and twisted genius that was Chas Addams.

Scary Scarf

As promised, here is a FO with ugly all over it.

With the best of intentions, I set out to make the Pine Cone Scarf from an Interweave Knits of a few years ago. However, I didn't want to use the yarn specified in the pattern, which was 3 skeins of Mountain Goat--I'm becoming increasingly desperate to use up my considerable stash. I know, it's OK to have lots of yarn because I'm a Bad-Ass Knitter, and Stephanie says it's OK to buy as much yarn as you want. Yet strangely enough, my first thought upon waking each day is, "I must knit up my stash!" Well, make that my second thought upon waking, the first being "Coffee..."

Anyway, I used a double strand of Naturally Aran Tussock in a dark evergreeny color. It's quite warm if nothing else. And the pattern, while the yarn doesn't give it the drama that it gets from the Mountain Goat, I guess adds some interest to a pretty blah yarn...somehow, the doubling dulls the hue, because I made a comfort shawl from it single-stranded, and the green seemed much more vibrant. No, I'm not quite through critiquing the crap out of my knitting. The last thing is that it's a bit on the scratchy side, so it will have a trip through a basin of Eucalan and tepid water before it graces anyone's neck.

OK, now I'm through. And to hell with the lawsuits...sometimes one just has to put the "Bitch" in "Stitch and Bitch."

Eat that, SFSE! (extending middle finger)

*extends her finger, in solidarity*
OY!! I just got my recycled silk! it is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! oh I simply must make something fabulous. thank you again!
You're so very welcome. Thank you and everyone else for playing!
Happy Halloween, Sharon.
Your SP9
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