Sunday, October 15, 2006


Easy like Sunday morning

Thought I'd start off this gray, wet Sunday (finally: Rain!) with pictures of snuggly bliss: Buster the burrower, and Jimmy the perimeter guard. In these photos, B's eyes came out looking exactly as they do, but J's somehow always seem to glow amber. Considering what I paid for this creature who has turned my hall carpeting from solid mushroom-beige to leopard-print pee spots, I'll take it as a bonus.

I Want A New Drug

I've taken to using the top of my washer as a backdrop, as every other surface in the house contains clutter which I don't feel like moving. Behold, the results of another yarn-buying bender.

I just love it when my yarn dollars help make the world a better place, and such apparently is the case with the 4 hanks of Peace Fleece , in the color "Glasnost Gold." Their story is one worth reading. The comfort shawl currently on the needles is a bit shy of half done, so the PF is on deck for the next shawl. The UU church whose shawl ministry I participate in loves these shawls, so I and others will continue to make them.

Was in (arguably) one of Portland's largest yarn shops Friday afternoon, and came away with the orangey Opal which--if I can pull it off along with the heap o' hats and fingerless mitts for folks on my holiday gift list--will be made into the leg warmers from the first Not Just Socks book. I keep seeing great orangeish yarns to make into accessories for my orange-obsessed niece, and being yarn-obsessed, well...you know.

The jewel-hued green and blue is something called "Twizzle" by Mountain Colors. It's merino and silk-- and pricey, but after I copped a feel, had to have it.


Not to post a blog entry of this size without including at least one finished item, I give you one half of a pair of Opals, the ball of which I purchased at OFFF on 9/23. Let's see, at the rate I'm knitting these days--approximately six weeks to finish a pair o' sox, times compound interest, two trains traveling in opposite directions...

(frantically punching calculator buttons, clicking abacus beads, taking off socks to count toes)

I've no idea how long it will take me to make anything, but Mary is six years old.

And hey, I did it--this blog post is entirely themed in mid-1980s music and film.

I had to laugh at the leopard pee spots, as I had a 700 dollar beagle who was good for absolutely nothing else....but I'll be damned if he didn't pee ALL OVER THE HOUSE.
Ok, Just curious, which yarn shop do you like in Portland? Also, have you been to Knot Another Hat in Hood River? That is a nice shop with an even nicer owner. She has Opal.
Happy Knitting and Mail Box watching:)
your SP
I consider myself a fortunate knitter, to live in a community where there are so many great yarn shops! However, having once worked at a LYS, I prefer to avoid the mention of any particular LYS on my blog. To do so might be interpreted as showing favoritism. While I believe, as some of the LYS owners do, that we fiber arts enthusiasts are free to shop wherever we want, not all share that philosophy. I apologize for the soapbox-ing, but I know from whence I speak. :) sharon
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