Sunday, October 08, 2006


Absolutely no knitting pics to share

...can't seem to finish anything. And anyway, the answer to the question "does Sharon ever have enough time to make something?" is, as we all know, "Does a chicken have lips?"

But what I do have to share, are a couple of pics from today's excursion at Dawson Creek Park. I was accompanied by my little dog Buster, and although we had to cut short our walk because it had begun to rain, I did manage to capture a couple of nice fall images. Although I've been a transplanted New Englander for going on 30 years, I still get that hankering to be among the maples every October.

no knitting but nice pictures!
I was just in New England and had a great time. Where did you live in New England?
Your Secret Pal 9
I grew up in Danvers, MA. It's on the North Shore of Boston. Nobody believes me when I tell this story, but when I graduated from Danvers High, I went to work in a factory with Brad Delp--another DHS alum--who became the lead singer of the classic-rock group Boston. Ya, I knew him way back when. He was a super-quiet, unassuming guy, who saved all the wild energy for the stage. Who knew?
Very cool! Don't you miss Boston? I mean the place not the group:)
There are some things I do miss about living in New England, like the beautiful fall colors and four distinct seasons, although the Pacific Northwest is a great place to live. At least one doesn't have to shovel rain.
I like New England. I like where I live. I also like your area..I have family that live in Portland.
Hmm...you will have to check the postmark on your first SP package to find out where I live! Have you read any of the Yarn Harlots books?
Haven't read anything by Yarn Harlot, but I think she is very cool and I'm sure I would enjoy her writing!
Those trees are beyond gorgeous
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