Friday, September 08, 2006


An oldie but goodie

(blowing away dust)
From deep in the vaults at Chickenlips, comes an original design by moi. Click here for the pattern. (You can see pics by clicking here and here.)

A year ago, I was frantically knitting tiny and small dog sweaters, churning them out as fast as I could, in hopes of making a tax-free fortune at the doggie boutiques. I even had the opportunity to sell them on consignment...unfortunately, I saw very little cash. Turns out that the really hot item was, and maybe still is, sweaters for larger dogs. I did make a few of those on consignment and special order, and had fun with it. Fortunately for me, and my yarn budget, I got a regular (non-knitting) job in February of this year, thus bringing my not-so-illustrious doggie sweater designer career to a screeching halt.

Anyway, although I wouldn't dream of trying to sell this design because I reproduced a copyrighted logo, it's damned cute and deserves to see the light of day, as it were. My little doggy, Buster, still wears the one I made for him. Enjoy.

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