Monday, September 18, 2006


Madcap Manhattan weekend

Well, not exactly, but it maybe piqued your interest, no? That's a line from the Woody Allen film The Purple Rose of Cairo, and I absolutely love to say it. I work it in whenever possible.

This weekend was the first time I attended the "Hacks" golf tournament. It's held around Sept. 19th of every year, at Hangman Valley Golf Course in Spokane, in memory of my brothers-in-law Jonathan and David. I don't golf, but my dear friend Darla (Jonathan's widow) and her daughter--my niece--were playing for the first time. I made these for Darla's clubs:

I ran out of time before I could make the cover for her 4-iron, but she was pleased nonetheless. The pattern was from the first issue of "Knit It," a publication of knit and crochet items using mostly el cheapo yarns, but I liked it the best of all the golf club cover patterns I'd perused.

Skirt Outfit From Hell

This goes against my cardinal rule of not posting endless pics of WIP's or FO's, but I had to put the skirt next to the sweater for size-and-perspective comparison. I whipped up this pullover using a double strand of Encore--it went together in a knitter's nanosecond (less than a week,) but it's freakin' HUGE:

*sigh* So the kid will be able to wear both pieces, just not at the same time. But hey, I'm not even done with the outfit! Check out Nagano Sakura from Knitty--made in the same yarn as the skirt, it'll pull the colors together and make the flowery thang that little girls love.

What can I say, it's in the queue.

I love the club covers, those are awesome!
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