Sunday, September 24, 2006


I had to go OFFF

Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, down in Canby. My first time--I'm a 2nd year veteran of Black Sheep Gathering--and I loved it. I'm not a spinner, so I can't address it from the standpoint of abundant unspun fiber, but there was plenty of yarn to be had. The first vendor I discovered selling that knitter's crack, Opal, I bought a skein and a set of stainless steel dpn's. The vibe was somehow more inspiring to me than BSG has been. I'm not sure how; all I know is that the combination of sitting outside in fabulous late-summer sunshine, the general upbeat mood of the attendees and the twinkling of Celtic harps gave me the impulse to break out my purchases and immediately begin casting on for a sock.

I did accomplish something major tonight: the completion of a labor-intensive project. The ChicKami, knit in Rowan Calmer, just awaits blocking. Pic to follow when it's nice and fluffy.


The pic may be boring, but what you're looking at is the start I made this past week on my Log Cabin Moderne blanket. Cashmerino Astrakhan--the feel alone of the stuff is going to rock my Addis all the way through. The chocolate is the color on deck, for the next block.

Payday came a day early last week, so I stopped by my LYS ISO Bliss Cashmerino Aran for fingerless mitts for my MIL and niece. (Damn--three acronyms in one sentence. Still with me?)Mom's need to be washable, because she'll be wearing them while riding and caring for her horses, and niece's just need to be orange. To give her a break from the screamin' pumpkin shade she's been wearing for the past year, I chose something paler but which will hopefully fit the bill. Despite the crappy photography, I think the magenta-plum undertone of the darker color still comes through.

*sigh* Well, Blogger decided to quit uploading photos, so I'll have to save that and other goodies for next time...and dang! it's after midnight. Even though it was all too brief, it was nonetheless a satisfying weekend. Hope it was as pleasant for you.

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