Monday, September 25, 2006


Erm, let's try this again

Let's see if Blogger will cooperate today. Here's more stash enhancement, the fiber equivalent of something as essential as gasoline-powered socks:

And this next pic comes with a warning: If you're dieting, stop reading this blog right now and go here. I don't want any backlash for offering GDD on my blog (that's Gratuitous Dessert Displays, for the uninitiated.)

This is a Black Forest cake from Beaverton Bakery, pic taken moments before we consumed mass quantities of it. Saturday was DH's 47th birthday, and even though I purchased him some new luggage (he's a frequent business traveler and his suitcases get beaten to crap,) and cooked him a prime rib dinner with all the fixings that day, I still managed to nip over to OFFF for a couple of hours of woolly bliss.

I saw on Lucia's blog that a knitting blog contest was held, I wasn't in the running, and all I can say is, Waaah! Maybe Chickenlips will make her mark in the coming year. As you know, I wanna blog with the big girls, and I. Love. Comments!! Since the Koigu Haiku contest ended, I've been feeling as though readership has dropped off...so I wonder if anyone's looking. Let me know if the Wayback Wednesday posts are even mildly entertaining, otherwise I'll discontinue. That's not a threat, just that it isn't worth it to fire up my decrepit old scanner for just my amusement. And I've got a goodie lined up for this week.

Keep those virtual cards and letters coming. We (meaning all my "multiples," of course) appreciate it!

Hi there, a comment to cheer your day! I still don't have account on this thing but can do one anyway. I love reading your blog-just never have time to comment a lot, chasing 2 year old, moving houses, but keep on writing and I really enjoy the Wednesday pics, very fun. Today's was awesome!
Thank you Stef! I'm glad you're reading and enjoying. :D
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