Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Koigu Haiku Contest is on

Thanks for the suggestions! I like the caption contest idea, but right now I'm too addled to find a really good, dorky knitting photo that we could have fun with. Soooo, we're gonna do haiku. Here are the guidelines, as underwritten by my accounting firm, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe:

1. Your haiku must follow the correct, 5-7-5 form for Japanese Haiku poetry, or the entry will be disqualified. Sorry, but I hold a B.A. in Japanese Studies, so I'm going to be anal about it.

2. Your haiku must be about some aspect of knitting. (Feel free to suck up--I'll award the prize to the best overall poem, I promise, but I can never get enough ego strokes.)

3. You may submit your haiku in the comments section, or email it to me at: sharonfs AT comcast DOT net.

4. Deadline is Wednesday, September 6th. I'll post the winner and runners-up.

That's it--bring the haiku!

Here's my first three (I do these in my sleep):

"honey, stop crying"
doesn't he get it? handspun
socks in the dryer

japanese hay is
superior to U.S.?
duh, it's in noro

first portland rainfall
drag out the blanket project
too bad it's Homespun
ok, here is my first, silly, yet pretty honest one for you....

Need a good haiku
for giving away Koigu
Give it to me Please
Still on the needles
Another U-F-O
But Koigu beckons
oops... let's try that again...

Still on the needles
Yet another U-F-O
But Koigu beckons

there... that's better.
Watch my needles fly
got that pattern down now
oh what's this? Rip-it
I found a sweater
From days of knitting yore
or it's a dishcloth
Wind turning chilly
Wool around my fingers
Knitting Season's call
chicken lips are chilly?
Two pointy sticks and a string:
Koigu nose warmer
arrrgggghhhh.... I did it again

Chicken lips chilly?
Two pointy sticks and a string:
Koigu nose warmer
my lovely koigu
soft and oh so beautiful
I long to knit you

my girlfriend's baby
always throwing up everywhere
no koigu for him

I knit with cashsoft
fingerless gloves from knitty
koigu sings to me

icky itchy yarn
why did I choose this project?
wasted time and yarn
Purple spirals are
Cocoons for new creations
Or pricey cat toys
Chickenlips Knitting
Donor of the Koigu yarn
Mail it to chez trek
It took me some time, but I FINALLY figured out how to post a comment...LOL Here you go:

Bury me in yarn.
Balls, skeins, hanks...Oh the pleasure.
I can die happy.
Entry received via email:

A summer cocoon,
pale pink Kimono ribbon
knits butterfly shawl.
-from Lorraine
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