Thursday, August 10, 2006


Bits of fluff from the swift & winder...

Wheooo...haven't updated this mother in a while!

It's becoming prayer/healing/comfort shawl-knitting time again, and having given away a dark-green shawl without photographing it, I got right on the stick and picked up 5 hanks of this tasty burger from Noro:

This is "Transitions", which changes fiber as it changes color! It's wool with silk, angora, alpaca, cashmere, camel, & mohair. Probably something else too, but I'm too lazy to get up and go get the label. It's bulky & works up quick:

Should be a pretty sweet shawl when done. Warm, that's for sure, but without much weight, and ya gotta like that. Oh, and I failed to mention that I bought those 5 hanks at a 45% discount...which means, seeing as how I never seem to buy enough yarn to finish anything, I'll have to run back to the LYS on the weekend!

The Sock That Almost Wasn't

Sock story time.

This is 1/2 of the "Realy (sic) Cool Socks" from the Knitlist. These socks aren't for me; I haven't quite decided who will end up with 'em, although I've got an idea. The pattern photos have the color striping going down the instep until the toe decreases begin, but I figured a) all that slipstitching negates the elasticity and would change the texture--why mess with Baby Cashmerino in smooth stockinette? and b) life is just too frickin' short. So even though it's taking a small eternity to complete these fairly straightforward sox, I was chugging away on the mate when I needed to leave the pups alone for a long day while I took Michelle to see the man himself in concert at Clark Co. Fair...none other than Alice Cooper, that is! Great show--Alice is still rockin' at 58, the kid had a blast in the mosh pit and I got to pretend I was 17 and seeing my favorite rock act again (the only difference being that my true self is content and 51, not clinically depressed and adolescent.) But I digress. Because of our long absence, the metamorphosing sock and its 1.5 Brittany dpn's did not survive the jaws, and determination, of 12-week-old Jimmy. Fortunately, my LYS stocks both 1.5 Crystal Palace Bamboo dpns and a proprietor of infinite patience who helped me salvage the project, so I'm pleased to say that the second sock is well on its way to completion.

(Whispery, Eric Idle-like British accent) And that's all for tonight, kiddies...

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