Wednesday, June 28, 2006


My sox are on

Take 1 skein of Wildfoote Handpaints in Rock & Roll, and 2 skeins of Bliss Baby Cashmerino in black, combine in a slipstitch pattern, and what do you get? Really Cool Socks. OK, yeah, it's a free pattern from the Knitlist, how uncool, and the pattern title is misspelled. But dude, these are realy kewl socks!

Progress has been very slow on this. There's work, of course, which cuts into my knitting time way more than I'd like, and there's also this:

Meet Jimmy the Gent. His name, of course, comes from DeNiro's character in GoodFellas. He's a longhair Mini Dachshund, AKC papered, and just 8 weeks, which makes him a high-maintenance fellow.

*WARNING* I'm about to become completely sentimental here. First, a quote from the classic Scorsese film:

Ray Liotta as Henry Hill (voiceover): "Jimmy loved to steal."

This Jimmy has stolen my heart.

OOO, hims is soo cute!!!! (you made me break out the baby talk... someone, somewhere is gonna pay for this!) I lurve dachsunds. They're just so sweet and they love to lick. Actually, I don't so much love the licking part and I'm generally not a fan of small dogs, but dachsunds are just big dogs trapped in tiny dog bodies... and they're just so sweet.
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