Sunday, June 25, 2006


How not to color match?

When oh when will I ever learn...

This is Patagonia/Araucania "Nature Cotton." From the same people that brought us Nature Wool of the maddeningly beautiful and inconsistent color lots, and poorly tied hanks (lay off the crack pipes down there, yo!)

My initial purchase was 5 hanks of colorway 206, to make a vest in the Manos del Uruguay's Cotton Stria booklet. However, that project proved to be fraught with issues, so I changed tactics and began Oat Couture's Albion Vest, an easy, non-lace garment which (I thought) would showcase the beauty of the varigated dyes. Well...I needed 7 hanks, not 5, and was disconcerted, to say the least, at the variance of color within the same colorway! So I did what I could to salvage, alternating rows with different skeins, but the above is what I'm coming up with. A cool artisan look? Or just plain fugly, fodder for the next installment of "You Knit What!?"
Any & all readers, help me out, wouldja? The comment button awaits you.

how not to color match, haha, i love it. I've done some trials with that technique before.

When you say you alternated rows with different skeins, do you mean you did that dealy-whopper where they want you to knit two rows from one skein of the dyelot and then knit two rows with the 2nd skein of the dyelot?

I'm convinced that it's not "YKW" material. They have some true fug on there. If you can live with the color difference, go for it! and if you can't, yo no se. :)
yep, that's exactly what I did, I just carried 2 different hanks of the same yarn, knit two rows with one, then two rows with the other.

I'm glad you don't think I'll end up on YKW! ;) I'm going to press on until the garment is done.
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