Thursday, June 22, 2006


Dill pickles and grape jelly

Moi? Enceinte? Nope, not by a long shot, not unless there was a star in the East. And I don't even have the necessary equipment anymore. It's just that the colorway--much more pronounced in the Ott-lite--reminds me of the yellow-green of my favorite Vlasic sandwich stackers, paired with the Welch's purple grapey goodness in a glass that I remember from childhood. But maybe the purple in this yarn is more Crayola than that.

I lost my Opal cherry with this project. What can I say--it's the best combination of texture and colorway of all the sock yarns I have tried. To let the yarn do the work, I used the Lightweight Sock pattern from the first Not Just Socks book. But after completing the retro rib socks (which, by the way, I shall never use Knit Picks' Essentials again. Stretchy, scratchy, feh. They just lost a frickin' customer, I know, Kelley's really broken up about it. But seriously, that yarn sucks.) Where was I? Oh yeah, the Retro Rib. After making those, I realized that I can handle a bit more complexity in sock patterns, so as pretty as the colors of the self-patterning yarns can be, I'm going to stick to the Koigus and solid sock weights.

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